Autumn is finally here and that means we get to fish our cozy sweaters out of the depths of our closets, drink hot chocolate and have a good excuse for staying in bed all day long <3

But of course it's also accompanied by replacing summer items with warmer pieces for colder days and therefore I thought it was a good idea to make a wishlist, I hope you enjoy it!

1) Though it might not seem appropriat for fall-time, I absolutely love wearing cute little dresses then with tights and high socks, I think you can never go wrong with that and it's just so easy to throw on. I like this one in particular because of those amazing transparent inserted parts (find it here).
2) To me, autumn  is THE time to wear fancy coats like this one. They keep you warm and are either an ultimate statement piece or simply some kind of everyday go-to item. I really love the lenght and colour of this one, yet I'm afraid it won't suit me as I am really short :( (find it here).
3) I think there is one thing I can not simply pass without having at least a second look at and that is velvet. It is by far my favourite material and kind of my weakness, if it's combined in a cute little dress I almost cant resist. The only thing that stops me is the price ;((( (find it here).

4) Aaaaand another black dress, I know I'm repetitive but look at it! I especially love that it is long-sleeved because I prefer dresses with long sleeves to short-sleeved ones. This one has got kind of a bohemian flair which I love and definitely want to incorporate more into my closet (find it here).
5) This necklace stands for pretty much everything from Regalrose which is my favourite shop for jewellery, yet again, it sadly is a bit more on the pricey side :/ (find it here).
6) I'm definitely not a jeansgirl but ever since I got my first pair of mom jeans my thoughts about them dramatically changed. I didn't like them because I think they're just so uncomfortable but mom jeans feel like heaven! I'm sure I'll add another pair soon to my closet (find it here).

7) There's not much to say about this one, I'm simply in love with harrington jackets. I think it looks stunning with a pair of black pants, Dr Martens and some kind of plain white shirt (find it here).
8) Can we please just appreciate how perfect this suede leather skirt is?! One day... I'll call you mine <3 (find it here).
9) Of course I can't make a wishlist in autumn without listing a sweater. I really like this one because of its simplicity, it's a basic item you can wear in many different ways and you're always well dressed (find it here).

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